Biophoton Physics

Biophotons are no ordinary light. Each cell in our body emits light. This light is highly structured (coherent) and communicates with the neighbouring cells inside the body and organisms outside the body. It carries unlimited amounts of information bi-directionally – informing other cells and organisms and carrying their information back to its own origin in the DNA. Every cell in our body is at any time informed about the state of every other cell.


  • Healthy cells emit coherent light.
  • Unhealthy cells and tissues emit non-coherent light - or none at all
  • Coherent light is polarised. The plane of polarisation is the sagittal plane: imagine billions of parallel planes of glass emanating from the frontal plane of the body in an upright fashion. The biophoton waves would run along each plane.
  • Our instrument has - invisible to our eyes - thousands of microscopic parallel metal bars inside the glass with tiny light permissive spaces in between.
  • If our instrument is placed on the body in a way that the bodies emissions – the single biophotons - can squeeze through between the metal bars, the open system goes into a yin state: the IM goes “weak”.
  • If the IM does not go weak, the body is not emitting coherent light in this location. This area needs help!
  • This allows us to detect illness at very early stages or significant details of illness in later stages - something not possible with conventional methods and thinking
  • A short dive into biophysics is needed to understand NEUROPROCARE PROTOCOL

  • The summation of the light or biophoton emissions of all cells and tissues creates a common shared field (biofield) using all physical properties of biophotons: wavelength, amplitude, scatter, spin, constructive and destructive interference, squeezing, polarisation and coherence.
  • This common shared field carries the information and memory of all events the organism has been exposed to and is able to access the past, the future and any location in the universe (aspects of “squeezed light”).
  • The DNA and proteins in living organisms are biophoton or light emitters and light receivers. All functions of life depend on light.
  • When a cell loses its coherence (the ability to create, send or receive coherent light), the physical tissue involved becomes dysfunctional or ill.
  • Any structure or tissue that is injured or ill loses its coherent light emissions.
  • The more unwell a tissue, the more incoherent the biophoton emissions.
  • Acupuncture points and autonomic centres are both specialised light-emitting and light-receiving transmitters.
  • Photons created by the body create a common shared field. The light interaction and information gained outside the body is broadcasted back into the body, into the tubulin network and the DNA.

    This is the biophysics insight of how the body reads and responds to a substance placed on the body or the instrument near the body.

    The muscle response to different challenges predicts which intervention (medication, chiropractic adjustments, remedies, co-enzymes, mineral co-factors, application of light, etc.) would increase the coherence of our light body and that of a specific tissue.

    The state of our light body reflects our health. The muscle tone changes observed in NEUROPROCARE METHOD are a response to changes in our light physiology.

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