5 Levels of Healing

We exist in different dimensions - simultane- ously. The physical body exists within a sphere of invisible etheric bodies that each have their own anatomy and physiology. There is an alive and profound interaction between the different levels. When we die, the physical body stays behind – it is cast off. There seems to be a process after death in which also the emotional body (second level) and later the mental body are cast off. The 4th and 5th body sur- vive. Every ancient culture knows this system and has described it in different terms. This healing system has evolved from interpreting the yoga sutras of Patanjali (which are believed to be over 10,000 years old) and from trying to express this ancient knowledge with contemporary language. Applying this knowledge in a practical way is key helping patients In the 5 level of healing to achieve better results in their health recovery .. Dr Jerome Poupel D.C

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The Physical Body: Level 1

1. Structural imbalances (poor malocclusion, TMJ issues, spinal subluxations and cranial subluxations and extremities , fascial adhesions, poorly healed injuries), organ( such as liver, gall bladder , stomach , small intestine, lungs , thyroid … etc … offering a chiropractic manipulative reflex technique on those organs that have become sluggish or overworked and stressed and not responding to proper visceral-somatic nerve reflexes. Cranial sutures and sacro-occipital technique on the Spine and head. Vagus nerve release and stimulation if needed and any issues linked to the vagus nerve from the GUT.

2. Biochemical needs/deficiencies (hormones, neurotransmitters,vitamins, coenzymes, minerals, enzymes and co-factors, water, oxygen, hydrogen, methylation defects, mitochondrial dysfunctions, polymorphism of SNIP)

3. Toxins (microbial endo-and exotoxins, man-made chemicals, heavy metals, metabolic waste..pathogenic infections like parasites, moulds, fungus , bacteria & viruses)

The Energy Body: Level 2

4. Biophysical stress (microwave from cell-phone broadcasting or smart meter, household currents and fields, ground current, light pollution from computers, cell-phones, CFLs and fluorescent lights, magnetic fields, geopathic stress from mother earth)

5. Food, environmental and emotional “allergies” (with immediate change in exclusion zone water, brain wave and autonomic nervous system activity followed by secondary level 1 phenomena such as cytokine and mast cell activation - and tertiary adrenal hormone secretion)

Food Intolerances

  • You can be allergic or intolerant to anything in your environment (and you can test anything!)
  • Gluten, dairy and toothpaste (are by far the most common)
  • In kids with hyperactivity: food dyes, oxalate and phenolics
  • Glyphosate and agrochemicals in food
  • Disturbed microbiome (lack of biodiversity) with lack of tolerance

6. Energetic perturbances (active scars with frictional electric discharges, metal implants in jaw or joints, charge build-up in spinal membranes and fascia, misfiring of autonomic and spinal ganglia, dissimilar metals in dental restorations, tattoos and piercings)

7. Radionics imbalances from pathogenic assault still affecting immune system.

8. Rebooting the biocomputer of the body With advanced kinesiology organ- brain-Spinal cord pathways.

9. Emotions and feelings affecting our physiology due to stress of life.

10. voltage and healing for tissue repair and brain and organ restoration of normal physiology.

The Higher Bodies: Level 3-5

Level 3: Unresolved emotional and mental traumata and conflicts (from the personal biography)

Level 4: Unresolved ancestral traumata and conflicts, curses and thought-field influences, carry-over of traumata and conflicts from ancestral issues non resolved.

Level 5: Guiding and correcting influences from the source (that may be perceived as illness or accident)

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